Tucker Carlson Claps Back Against Don Lemon’s Hypocrisy, and It’s PERFECT

Tucker Carlson Claps Back Against Don Lemon’s Hypocrisy, and It’s PERFECT

CNN’s Don Lemon is on one hell of a douchebag roll this week. It’s impressive, really (see CNN’S DON LEMON LECTURES TERRY CREWS: BLACK LIVES MATTER DOESN’T MEAN ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER and CNN’S DON LEMON AND CHRIS CUOMO MOCK THE VIOLENCE IN LIBERAL CITIES, BUT THIS VIDEO PROVIDES RECEIPTS!). Not that Chris Cuomo and Brian Stelter don’t have some game, but they need to pump up those numbers if they’re going to top Lemon on the leaderboard this month. Lemon is out there living his best leftist news-entertainer life, and Tucker Carlson sees him.

Tucker also saw him in 2013, when Don Lemon sounded a lot less like Don Lemon and a lot more like, well, Tucker Carlson.

Tucker Carlson Calls Out CNN’s Don Lemon Hypocrisy, Exposes BLM Connection To Convicted Terrorist


Before you get excited, I’m sure Lemon has plenty of cancel coins saved up. Plus we know what the excuse is going to be. Those were comments made all the way back *does math on fingers* seven years ago, and the CNN news-entertainer has been “enlightened” since then. Most likely enlightened by a canvas sack with a dollar sign on it that he knows will go away if he ever every expresses a thought outside what the leftist hive find acceptable that week. But enlightened none the less. Unlike “those people” at Fox News. Criticizing them makes up 51% of CNN’s content.

Also, it should be okay for Don Lemon to say in 2020 what he said in 2013. It’s okay for someone who isn’t Don Lemon to say it in 2020 as well. It’s okay to disagree with what’s said in either 2013 or 2020. Rational people can rationally disagree with each other.

Irrational people are given shows on CNN and forget that they had video recordings seven years ago.

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