Joe Rogan Compares Wokeness to a Cult… and His Guest Gets Canceled from Twitter?

Joe Rogan Compares Wokeness to a Cult… and His Guest Gets Canceled from Twitter?

There are two groups of people in this world: People who think cancel culture is retarded and perma-offended woke twats (see BARSTOOL PRESIDENT TELLS LEFTISTS WHERE TO STICK THEIR CANCEL CULTURE. IT’S THE ONLY APPROPRIATE RESPONSE. and COMEDIAN CALLS OUT LIBERAL VICTIMS OF CANCEL CULTURE: ‘THIS IS WHAT YOU IDIOTS WANTED!’), who are probably upset with me using the R-word. Joe Rogan referred to these wokest among us as “recreationally outraged.” But after seeing this clip with author James Lindsay, I think he’s more on the money here.

The Religious Similarities of Retroactive Cancelling, Wokeness w/James Lindsay | Joe Rogan

That’s really the thing that gets me is how similar this is to … religious cults, how they indoctrinate people. One of my friends … was a Jehovah’s Witness when he was younger. And so he’s really, really, really sensitive to this stuff. He’s like “I know where this is going. …This is cult s**t.”

Ironically, immediately after this clip aired, some of the perma-offended woke twats who work at Twitter shut down Lindsay’s Twitter account. Joe Rogan is undeplatformable, but an academic who says things other academics think is literal violence? Not so much so.

Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions here, not unlike CNN jumped to conclusions when they saw Nicholas Sandmann smiling at someone in our nation’s capital. Maybe Lindsay didn’t tweet about #BlackLivesMatter, or did tweet but didn’t say the right thing. Maybe he tweeted that men shouldn’t be allowed to compete in women’s high school sports. But I can’t help but question the timing here. Two guys talked for close to three hours criticizing wokeness, cancel culture, and a host of other leftist silliness. The least powerful of them suddenly can’t get into his Twitter account.

Thus validating the three hours criticizing leftist silliness.

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