Hero Sheriff Lets the People Know: ‘I Am Not the Mask Police’

Hero Sheriff Lets the People Know: ‘I Am Not the Mask Police’

It’s not easy being a police officer right now. The already stressful job has been made more stressful lately just because of, you know, reasons. The last thing the police need is for people to be calling them about whether or not they’re going to get arrested for not wearing a mask. Or getting calls like, “Hey PIG! Go arrest this person for not wearing a mask!” Sheriffs should not have to hold press conferences to say that they are not the mask police. Yet here’s Ohio’s Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones having to do that while he probably questions why he ran for sheriff in the first place.

I am not the mask police. I am not going to enforce any mask-wearing. That is not my responsibility; that is not my job. People should be able to make those choices themselves. …

If the health departments want to control and take care of who’s not wearing a mask, let them put a little yellow light on their car and they can stop people and go in.

Be honest. If it was #DefundTheMASKPolice, everyone would have the exact opposite opinion that they have right now.

Here’s the thing. I’ve been pro-mask since the beginning, when all the experts were anti-mask and telling us we were idiots for wearing masks. But as far ask Mask War III goes, I’m Switzerland. Personally, I think, by the way some of my friends on the right have been carrying on, they don’t fully appreciate how silly they look to normies. And if you don’t want to wear a mask when you go to the MegaMart, don’t have a meltdown and take it out on the people working at the MegaMart. Take it out on the politicians who are putting everyone in this position in the first place.

Because that’s the other problem. Our leaders and the media either don’t appreciate how much they have abused the public’s trust on all things ‘rona, or they simply don’t care. Let’s even set aside the ways they’ve abused the public trust on masks specifically (see CLOTH MASKS AREN’T AS EFFECTIVE AS MASKED-HORDES INSIST. ACCORDING TO THIS 2015 STUDY! and DR. FAUCI: MASKS AREN’T 100% EFFECTIVE, BUT ARE SYMBOLICAF!). We’re in the middle of another ‘rona outbreak, and not only are we told to ignore the weeks of super-spreader events (aka the leftist riots and protests) that the media covered while stopping covering the coronavirus, we’re being told those super-spreader events (aka the leftist riots and protests) had nothing to do with it. It’s YOUR FAULT for going to church or a bar and not wearing mask while you did so.

We’re being told this by the same elected officials who, when they criticized the protests about the shutdown, endorsed the MASSIVE NOT SOCIALLY DISTANCING PEACEFUL RIOTS while still telling you that you have to say socially distanced. Now they’re expecting our police forces that they want to defund (what some of the super-spreader events were about) to enforce laws about who is and isn’t wearing a mask? What if they arrest someone not wearing a mask at a #BlackLivesMatter rally? Sheriff Jones is a better man than me. He’s politely telling people he’s not the mask police. If it were me, I’d be telling the people to go choke on a bag of dicks.

So yes, I choose to wear a mask and think it’s smart, but I also understand all the reasons why others choose not to. Our enemy isn’t the person walking into Costco without the mask on. Our enemy is the people we’re supposed to trust who have broken that trust, can’t get their stories straight, and now expect Sheriff Jones to arrest people for only standing five feet, ten inches away from someone.

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