CNN’s Don Lemon Lectures Terry Crews: Black Lives Matter Doesn’t Mean All Black Lives Matter

CNN’s Don Lemon Lectures Terry Crews: Black Lives Matter Doesn’t Mean All Black Lives Matter

Terry Crews has stepped in it. Not only is he an actor who is saying things not approved by the left, he’s an African-American expressing an opinion that also isn’t approved by the left (see TERRY CREWS CONTROVERSIAL STATEMENT: WHITE PEOPLE AND BLACK PEOPLE SHOULD TALK TO EACH OTHER and TERRY CREWS REFUSES TO APOLOGIZE FOR SAYING WHITES AND BLACKS SHOULD TALK TO EACH OTHER). So he went on CNN, where he was told by Don Lemon that *checks notes* Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean that ALL black lives matter.

David Patrick Underwood. David Dorn. Eight-year-old Secoriea Turner. According to Don Lemon, when you say black lives matter, you don’t mean those black lives. Because Black Lives Matter only means police brutality and criminal justice reform. It’s like the left saying that #DefundThePolice doesn’t actually mean defund the police. It only mean partially lower police budget. Or sometimes, it means completely dismantle the police. It means what it means depending on what the left needs it to mean at any given moment. Those three names were all killed as a result of Black Lives Matter riots protests. But Black Lives Matter isn’t to blame. Because they weren’t killed by approved card-carrying members of the Black Lives Matter movement. The Black Lives Matter movement isn’t to blame for any of the violence. Just the good stuff.

Though speaking of the movement, Lemon was quick to end the interview when Crews started questioning Black Lives Matters’ actual political agenda.

The Black Lives Matter agenda. Like, say, for example, “dismantling the patriarchal practice” and “disrupting the western-described nuclear family structure requirement.” Textbook Marxism, which the Black Lives Matter leaders all admit to being, AND which has nothing to do with police brutality and criminal justice reform.

But I’m pretty sure Don Lemon knows that.

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