AOC Tried to Come After Ted Cruz on Twitter, but Cruz Shut Her Down

AOC Tried to Come After Ted Cruz on Twitter, but Cruz Shut Her Down

There is no better way to come back from a three-day weekend than a Twitter beef between Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It’s the perfect embodiment of all that is good vs. all that is derp (see TED CRUZ BTFO’D MSNBC’S JOE SCARBOROUGH WITH A SINGLE TWEET and AOC SAYS YOU SHOULDN’T GO BACK TO WORK. HERE’S HER DUMB REASON … [VIDEO]). You already know that this week is going to suck just because it’s 2020 and you know at the start of every week that it will suck. We might as well go into it with a smile on our face.

First, Cruz was all like:

Then AOC was all like:

I’m not sure if she thought she was defending Joe Biden here. Maybe she thought she was being a good surrogate. Or doesn’t realize that she’s part of the base Cruz was talking about. Also, a congresswoman came out yesterday and supported removing statues of George Washington. So it’s not conspiracy theory as much as it is watching Democrats talk on CNN.

Either way, this is where Sen. Cruz took a sip of his wine, cracked his knuckles, and “clapped back,” as the youths say, with this:

No response from AOC at the present moment. If she does respond, I’d expect something along the lines of “shows what you know, I don’t think those are extreme positions at all.” Either that, or saying she just got off the phone with the jerk store and they were fresh out of their Ted Cruz dolls.

I also wouldn’t mind it if every Democrat was challenged to answer those questions. Maybe someone on cable news will hold them to account and demand an answer.

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