7.3.20: Maxwell arrest UNRAVELS [DS] connections. CRIMES against CH(LDR$N!

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Event Horizon

Was Robert Maxwell a Soviet spy? FBI files reveal US fears the media mogul was working for Russiahttps://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2304361/Was-Robert-Maxwell-Soviet-spy-FBI-files-reveal-US-fears-reveal-media-mogul-working-Russia.html

George Galloway sheds light on Maxwell family and its links to Jeffrey Epstein

Charges against Ghislaine Maxwell announced

Ghislaine Maxwell, longtime Jeffrey Epstein associate, arrested

Ghislaine Maxwell Indictment from techno Fog – https://twitter.com/Techno_Fog/status/1278691979732320259

[VIDEO] Four Ohio Democrat Politicans Just Arrested For Bribery and Extortion … They Face 30-Years in Prison

Hydroxychloroquine Saves Lives

Treatment with Hydroxychloroquine Cut Death Rate Significantly in COVID-19 Patients, Henry Ford Health System Study Shows | Henry Ford Health System – Detroit, MI

Feds arrest ‘ringleader’ in attack on Andrew Jackson statue by White House
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