Why is coronavirus still surging in the US?

Why is coronavirus still surging in the US?

The US recorded a new all-time daily high of 52,000 new Covid-19 cases on 1 July, according to John Hopkins figures, as Donald Trump repeated his belief the virus would ‘just disappear’.

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America has now had more than 2.7 million confirmed cases – more than double that of Brazil, the second most-affected country. Dr Anthony Fauci, the US’s top infectious disease expert, has said the country is ‘going in the wrong direction’, infections could more than double and the subsequent death toll ‘is going to be very disturbing’.

The Guardian’s Ed Pilkington looks at why a patchwork approach to lifting lockdowns, as well as the president’s mixed messages on wearing a mask, has led to confusion across the country and why some states are having to clamp down on restrictions again

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Trump hopes coronavirus will ‘just disappear’ and says he’s ‘all for masks’ – video ► https://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2020/jul/02/trump-hopes-coronavirus-will-just-disappear-and-says-hes-all-for-masks-video

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