Gavin Newsom Demands You Not See Family on July 4th, but This Photo Leaves Questions …

Gavin Newsom Demands You Not See Family on July 4th, but This Photo Leaves Questions …

California has been hit with a new wave of the coronavirus, especially over the past two weeks. It’s almost as if there was a series of huge events where people were not social distancing (see TASK FORCE: EXPECT A SPIKE IN COVID THANKS TO PROTESTERS AND RIOTERS and DE BLASIO TELLS COVID CONTACT TRACERS: DON’T ASK ABOUT PROTESTS). No one knows why the ‘rona is running wild through California like it was Hulkamania in the 1980s. It’s forced California Gov. Newsom to reinstitute strict stay-at-home guidelines. You shouldn’t even go see family on the Fourth of July unless you all live in the same house.

Interesting. Especially when you see this photo of people protesting in Los Angeles (where COVID is at its most COVIDness) on the first of July.

I mean, it’s really simple. Our elected officials (especially the Democrat ones) and most in the media think we’re idiots. I’m not sure what else to say or how to say it. We all sat there watching the news for the past few weeks when peaceful non-social distancing broke out across the country. Suddenly, COVID wasn’t a concern. Now that the riots have died down and CNN put their ‘rona tracker back on the screen, we’re suppose to pretend the past few weeks haven’t happened.

Worse, we’re supposed to listen to our leaders lecture us about social distancing while tens of thousands of people are not social distancing right outside their door as they lecture to us about social distancing.

Our leaders think we’re idiots. People need to start not proving them right come Election Day.

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