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Tonight Lightning in D.C. via

Organizers say 1 million people are coming to protest in DC this weekend.

Just heard that Mayor Bowser is kicking the Utah National Guard out of all DC hotels tomorrow.

Tucker Carlson interview showing Bryan Wright: Former CIA Officer

Minneapolis City Council members consider disbanding the police

FBI ‘has no intelligence’ indicating antifa was linked to weekend violence in the George Floyd protests, despite Trump and Republicans’ claims

James Mattis Denounces President Trump, Describes Him as a Threat to the Constitution

Senior military leaders being called to testify to Congress about George Floyd protest response

I thought this letter from respected retired Marine and Super Star lawyer, John Dowd, would be of interest to the American People. Read it!

Sources are telling Dan #Bongino that they are genuinely concerned that some upper level people in our military are openly talking about defying the President of the United States. “That’s got a name. That’s called a mutiny.”

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, City Officials Cutting $100 Million-$150 Million From LAPD Budget, Funds To Be Reinvested In Communities Of Color

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