George Floyd’s Brother Calls for Protests to End!

George Floyd’s Brother Calls for Protests to End!

Meanwhile, while Antifa and too many Antifa grifters are getting their destructive rage on, George Floyd’s brother is calling for a ceasefire. Not that it’ll matter. If you have stuff to break, loot to steal, cars to smash, and buildings to set ablaze, a little call for peace from the guy’s brother you claim you’re doing this for, ain’t gonna stop ya. But for the sake of sharing the good news, here it is.

“Channel your anger elsewhere. This is not necessary. If his own family and blood isn’t doing it, then why are you?”
“Why are you out there tearing up your community? Justice will be served.”

It was a little slow for my liking, but at least the man who held George Floyd down, using his knee on Floyd’s neck, has been arrested and charged. Whether or not you or I would’ve been charged quicker with video evidence out there, who knows.

What I do know is that angry people who want justice from the system over Floyd’s death don’t beat up women trying to protect their business. What I do know is that people who feel rage over an unjust system don’t try to beat to death people in their cars, or their livestock. What I do know is, if you’re mad over a cop killing someone, you don’t set a city on fire.

The riots aren’t about George Floyd. They’re something else entirely. Let’s stop pretending. If, on the off chance, you are rioting for George Floyd, stop. But we all know you’re not. You’re just being a monster to be a monster. Don’t pretend you have a higher purpose as you deck an innocent person in the face.

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