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I am excited to start Lone Conservative’s first column series that answers questions from our supporters and followers. Every Monday, Lone Conservative will post on either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram so you can submit your questions that you want answered. It can range from issues on campus to general life struggles. 

After growing up in a small town, I decided to attend Penn State Altoona and major in political science. I am certainly not an expert on any topic, but great advice doesn’t have to come from some far-away expert. Often, the best advice comes from those struggling through the same thing. I’ll also get a little help from other members at Lone Conservative, who do have some expertise. Enough about me, let’s get to the questions you guys submitted on our Instagram this past Monday.

Ellie – Do you have any money-saving tips/money-management advice for gals who suck at handling money?

My biggest advice would be to set a goal. Don’t make it a big one. You won’t go from spendthrift to hedgefund manager overnight. If you’re a big spender, determine a reasonable amount of money you want to set aside each week from your paycheck and stick with that for a month. Put it in a separate account if you need so it’s less accessible. Then, increase the amount the following month. Also, start educating yourself. I recommend Dave Ramsey’s podcast for those looking for more in-depth advice or check out another article, written by another columnist and a contributor to help our generation manage money.

Johnny – What do conservative women look for in a man? What’s the best way to ask one out?

Every woman is different but many conservative women look for someone who shares their values. They want to know that you have goals for your future and that you will also support their own goals along the way. You need to be mature and know how to handle disagreements well. They want you to be honest, upfront, and make them feel comfortable the whole time you guys are talking. When you ask a girl out, always do it in person. Be confident and already have a first date idea in mind. Most importantly, don’t overthink it. A simple request for dinner and conversation is classic for a reason.

Julia – How to manage mental wellness in college?

Two things: socialization and a schedule. I am a very antisocial person myself but you only need a small group. I only joined one club during my college career and that was enough for me. I had people to hang out with who helped me to feel sane, but it didn’t overwhelm me.

Second, keep a consistent schedule. If you go to the gym, go at the same time every day. Cut out a section of your day for homework, so you know when it is coming up. At minimum, write down what you have to get done that day. Without a schedule or to-do list, you will always feel like you are missing something. As a final note, always remember that failing a class can feel like the end of the world but it will look like a tiny bump five years down the road.

If you want more tips from me, you can read my “5 Ways To Beat College Stress.”

Anonymous – How do I maintain myself and act respectfully when liberals stop using logic in an argument?

I encourage every conservative to learn how to make more personal and emotional arguments. Everyone responds more to emotional discussions; that is just how we are wired. For example, citing statistics about coronavirus as a reason we should open up wouldn’t be as effective as mentioning people who are suffering because they have lost their job. Anecdotes can prove incredibly persuasive.

However, if both of you aren’t being open-minded in the conversation, it is a good idea to just walk away. There is no point in talking with someone who is not open-minded or if you don’t think you will be yourself. Most importantly, never get upset in the discussion.

Eliza – How can I not let politics influence my friendships?

There are both liberals and conservatives who cannot handle being friends with people who think differently than them. If you have someone who makes you feel bad about your views, drop them or avoid the topic. However, rational people should be able to maintain friendships across the aisle. Perhaps more importantly, don’t make everything a political discussion. Have the occasional chat about it but remember that TV shows, good restaurants, and chocolate chip cookies are other valid topics for conversation. It is always good to chat with friends because they can give constructive feedback without being rude—unlike online strangers.

These are all the questions that I can answer this week. Thank you to everyone who submitted questions. If your question wasn’t answered, don’t worry, you still have a chance to get it featured in next week’s column! Or you could resubmit your question on Monday on our Twitter when we post about it. You can check back next Friday to see if it has been answered. Hope this advice was helpful and I’ll see you guys next week.

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