WA Gov. Jay Inslee Goes Full Nazi, Wants Restaurants to Track Customers with Daily Log

WA Gov. Jay Inslee Goes Full Nazi, Wants Restaurants to Track Customers with Daily Log

As far as I know, South Dakota and Wyoming are winning the contest of which states are the most free. Congratulations to their governors, who refused to shut down when every other state caved — including the conservative’s favorite state for reasons I’ve never really understood — Texas. On the other end of the race, California, Washington and New York are in a dead heat to see who can be the most tyrannical. Throwing an elbow to try to clinch a win, Governor Jay Inslee has ordered restaurants that plan on opening to actually log who comes and goes from their places of business. What’s the German for “Papers please?”

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s office on Monday issued a set of coronavirus requirements that restaurants must abide by when they reopen, one of which requires them to create a “daily log” of their customers’ comings and goings.

The state is now entering phase two of a four-phase plan to reopen businesses in the state. Restaurants that want to offer dine-in services must “create a daily log of customers and maintain that daily log for 30 days, including telephone/email contact information, and time in,” according to The Seattle Times.

Oh hell no.

I’m a resident of Washington State. People telling me I should relocate to Texas can move to the back of the line, it’s never going to happen. Anyway, there are two easy ways to handle Governor Inslee’s Nazi orders. Yes, Nazi with a capital N. He has zero authority to request such draconian measures. Those who comply with such orders are the real gutless wonders and I won’t take that back, but I will spend my money with businesses that aren’t walking tampons.

The first option, restaurant owners can tell Inslee to shove two fingers up his butthole. His whole fist if necessary. I agree the mental image there is a little raw. But you tell me it’s not appropriate. Second option, patrons can enter a restaurant, ask if they’re abiding by Inslee’s unconstitutional edict, and if the restaurant is abiding by the edict, patrons can leave. Vote with your dollar I mean deutsche mark. Sorry for thinking American currency would fly. Just remember to bring your proof of citizenship, and if you’re not wearing a mask, go ahead and embroider a gold star on your coat.

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The only way these kinds of power grabs can go on is if people go along with them. The only way the power grabs stop is if Americans do more than whine about them.

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