Washington Post Gets BTFO’d by Dan Crenshaw Over Coronavirus Coverage

Washington Post Gets BTFO’d by Dan Crenshaw Over Coronavirus Coverage

Jen Rubin is the Senior Orange Man Bad Correspondent for the Washington Post. She also identifies as a “conservative.” Just like I identify as the AEW Heavyweight Champion if we’re playing the game where words don’t mean what they actually mean. So as the SOMBC for the WaPo, she blames Donald Trump for all the coronavirus things (see The WHO Wants to Take Your Alcohol Away During the Pandemic and Michigan’s Operation Gridlock Shows Many Americans Still Value Their Rights). Literally, it’s all Donald Trump’s fault. Just like everything is. But the pandemic is super double Trump’s fault.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (blah, blah, blah, red flag laws) disagreed. So he jolly-stomped her on Twitter with a few facts she may have missed.

This is the game that’s going to need to be played for the rest of the year. The media will do everything they can to rewrite their history over the coronavirus while claiming the Trump is the one doing it. I believe this is what people call “projection.” More and more people are going to have to make sure, if we’re going to play the blame game, the blame is properly spread out, as Rep. Crenshaw did here.

It would be nice if we were not playing the blame game and were working toward solutions instead. But that’s not the world we live in.


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