Dr. Birx Explains How COVID-19 Deaths are Counted: ‘A Liberal Approach to Mortality’

Dr. Birx Explains How COVID-19 Deaths are Counted: ‘A Liberal Approach to Mortality’

If you’ve been holed in your home, worried about the Wuhan, watching the death count with bated breath from behind a home-made mask you up-cycled from a scarf, a bra, or hopefully clean underpants, check this out. Dr. Birx was asked how exactly the deaths are counted. A few astute pupils have noted that those who seem to succumb to the corona have a number of serious underlying conditions. According to Dr. Birx, even those people who have serious conditions, but die of the Kung Flu, are counted as deaths for the Kung Flu.


Back in March, we were told this sucker was just AWFUL. Dr. Fauci said it was TEN TIMES WORSE than the normal flu. Pandemic porn fans salivated over the idea that MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WOULD DIE! We had to shut down our way of life to PROTECT THE OLDS. Schools were closed. Businesses shuttered. B-List celebrities who said things like “yeah, some old people will die” were SPANKED by outrage culture on both sides of the aisle. Anyone who dared leave their homes for elective reasons were shamed by all who bowed before the power of the almighty WUHAN.

Well that was then. Now is now. Models have been dialed back a couple of times. The coronavirus isn’t taking out hundreds of thousands of people as was initially predicted. Seems the coronavirus may not even be taking out all that have been attributed to it. Now we’re told we’re “taking a liberal approach to mortality.” So if a diabetic gets the Wuhan and dies, the cause of death isn’t diabetes, it’s Wuhan. If a patient who has a history of heart and respiratory problems gets the Wuhan and dies, that patient’s death isn’t being checked off as something like “lung cancer” right now, but the Wuhan.

Do I have that right?

Hey, remember when Dr. Drew said media shouldn’t panic people, that we get flu deaths every year? Dr. Drew Doubles Down on Blaming Media for the Wuhan Virus Panic [VIDEO]. Do you also remember how doctors out of Stanford are saying that maybe this thing is actually LESS fatal than the seasonal flu? CONNED? Doctor Suggests COVID-19 Could be LESS Deadly Than Seasonal Flu. At what point do the American masses rise up and toss their home-made masks into the trash and go back to living their lives? I’m honestly asking. And no, social distancing didn’t help “flatten the curve” as some are saying while covering their butts. Check out Sweden Didn’t Lock Down, Didn’t Tank Their Economy, and DIDN’T Suffer from COVID-19.

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