Joe Biden Needs People to Remember Him, So He’s Launching a Podcast

Joe Biden Needs People to Remember Him, So He’s Launching a Podcast

Joe Biden. Remember that guy? He was running for president. Now he’s desperate for anyone to still be paying attention to him (see Watch Joe Biden’s Heart Break Over Trump’s Approval Ratings and Joe Biden Emerged from Hiding … Confused and with a Cough). It’s proving difficult to get people to remember who he is, not because of the pandemic but because he barely remembers who he is himself half the time. So as a desperate plea for relevancy, Biden is launching his own podcast.

In his latest attempt to reach American voters when most normal campaign methods are impossible, the former vice president has launched a podcast. NBC News reports that Biden’s new Here’s the Deal show will see him chatting to “national top experts” to provide a “voice of clarity during uncertain times.”

He said in his first show: “I’m recording this podcast to connect with all of you instead of traveling across the country as I have been doing most of the last year. … It’s just not worth it to go out there and take a chance of getting sick and further spreading the virus.”

I’m sure the tens of people anxious to see Biden at a Benihana are disappointed about that too. But honestly, a podcast is probably best for Biden. He doesn’t do well live, in front of a camera. With a podcast, his handlers can edit it to make him sound less senile. Maybe throw a little autotune onto it too. You know, just to appeal to the youths.

I’m all curious about who the audience is for a Biden podcast. “Are you entertained by staring at the wall, looking at all those weird dots your eyes make when you stare long enough? Then do WE have the podcast for you!”


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