Norm Macdonald Wrote a Song About the Chinese Eating Bats

Norm Macdonald Wrote a Song About the Chinese Eating Bats

Thank God for celebrities. As the world is in the current situation  we’re in, celebrities are just as bored and just as stir-crazy as anyone else. Being the magnanimous people that they are, they are blessing us with their talents via social media, though some are better at it than others (see It’s Gonna Be Okay, America. Neil Diamond Is Singing a Coronavirus Song [VIDEO] and If You Weren’t Sick Before, Here’s a Montage of Celebrities Singing ‘Imagine’). Norm Macdonald clearly falls into the former group and dropped a new song on us. About eating bats.

There’s a meme I’ve seen going around the Facebook and the Instagram. It goes something like “Never doubt that one person can’t change the world. A Chinese guy did by eating a bat.” As Norm points out in the song, who am I to question whether a bat is delicious or not? It could be an excellent source of protein. Maybe a bat’s breast meat helps improve your hearing. Remember, all cultures are equal.

We’ve reached this point in quarantine: Wondering what bat tastes like. Either way, Norm is king. Plus he basically said nuts to political correctness. Funny is funny.


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