Watch Joe Biden’s Heart Break Over Trump’s Approval Ratings [VIDEO]

Watch Joe Biden’s Heart Break Over Trump’s Approval Ratings [VIDEO]

Bless his heart, Joe Biden is doing his best to stay relevant during PandemicMania. He’s failing miserably at it (see Joe Biden Emerged from Hiding … Confused and with a Cough [VIDEO] and New Poll Says Americans Trust Trump More Than the Media on Coronavirus). But the plucky septuagenarian is trying as hard as he can. Just, my dude, a little advice? Know your opponent’s approval ratings BEFORE holding a press conference. This is just lousy staff work, mixed with a few dashes of senility.

SMOKIN’ JOE BIDEN: The president’s numbers with the public have gone up in handling this crisis, but they haven’t gone up in terms of his presidency.

RANDOM REPORTER: Gallup did show he is now at 49% job approval, which is a reversal from a few weeks ago …


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Biden has defied gravity in the polls. He’s defied it against his Democrat opponents. He’s even still defying it against Trump in the head-to-head polls. The man has no money. No campaign. No recollection of what he had for breakfast. Yet has stayed competitive for the last two years based on people saying, “Oh, I remember him. I don’t hate him as much as I do everyone else.”

Eventually, the people all realize the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes. Or in Biden’s case, he forgot to put them on. Because he forgot about all the video cameras that are now in his living room.


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