Kudlow: Unemployment Numbers Will See A “Very Big Increase”

Kudlow: Unemployment Numbers Will See A “Very Big Increase”

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow explained how coronavirus stimulus plan will help Americans in an interview with FOX News’ Bill Hemmer.

HEMMER: I’ve got — I’ve got 45 seconds. Lightning round here.
What’s the jobs number tomorrow look like, do you think?
KUDLOW: It’s going to be a very large increase — in the weekly unemployment lines.
HEMMER: Is it millions or what is it, Larry? What do you think?
KUDLOW: I’m not at liberty to say. That will come out at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow. But it’s going to be a very big increase. Everybody in the market knows that.
HEMMER: OK. Will the House pass this, that’s on the table right now, yes or no, Larry?
KUDLOW: I believe yes it will. Yes, the House will. They’re on board.
HEMMER: Thank you, sir. We’ll check in tomorrow.
KUDLOW: It’s passed in a week. In a week.

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