UAE’s Sharjah Police Drones to Enforce Coronavirus Lockdown

UAE’s Sharjah Police Drones to Enforce Coronavirus Lockdown

United Arab Emirates Sharjah Police are using drones equipped with a loudspeaker to enforce lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, Sunday, March 22.

The drones fly over the Gulf emirate of Sharjah ordering people to stay at home as part of the United Arab Emirates’ plan to curb coronavirus outbreak.

Dubai is closing its famous malls and halting all passenger flights, capping a series of shutdowns on once-thriving sectors that serve as its economic lifeline in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

A few days after barring foreigners, including those with residency permits, from entering the country, the emirate said it would close its airports to commercial flights, shut shopping malls and restrict restaurants to home deliveries.

Boasting the most diversified economy in the Gulf, Dubai derives 94 percent of its public revenues from non-oil sources which also make up the majority of its gross domestic product.

The glitzy emirate, which last year welcomed 16.8 million visitors, has now completely shut tourism outlets, directly impacting hundreds of hotels and countless dining and entertainment facilities — the backbone of an economy already stressed by a downturn.

The outbreak has now infected more than 377,000 globally with over 16,500 deaths linked to the virus. Japan has had 1,140 cases and 42 deaths.


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