Howard Dean: “Not Ready” To Say Bernie Sanders Is Going To Be Nominee

Howard Dean: “Not Ready” To Say Bernie Sanders Is Going To Be Nominee

Former DNC Chairman Howard Dean told CNN Sunday morning that he is “not ready” to acclaim Sen. Bernie Sanders as the Democratic presidential nominee yet, but he would “probably rather be where Bernie is than anybody else.”

HOWARD DEAN: I do think his win was incredibly impressive, not so much because of the margin, but because you really — our core base are young people, people of color and women. And he really nailed two of those.

I haven’t seen the breakdown on gender, but he — so, he’s on his way, but he’s — we got a long way to go here. I mean, I don’t think we’re going to have any cogent idea of who’s really going to end up at the convention until after the Tuesday past Super Tuesday.

So, three weeks from now, we’re going to have a really good idea who the players are. Right now, we have six viable candidates…

He certainly is a polarizing candidate, but we have a incredibly polarizing person the other side. Our — as I said before, he showed last night that he can energize our core base.

I am a believer in the theory that it isn’t swing voters that’s — the definition of a swing voter is somebody who votes or doesn’t vote, not somebody who’s going to go back and forth between Republicans and Democrats.

So, my definition of a swing voter, if he continues to do this, I do think he’s going to be the nominee.

But I’m not ready to say that. There’s five other competent people who are all — and there’s going to be another debate. We’re going to see more there.

But, certainly, I think I’d probably rather be where Bernie is than anybody else.

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