New York Man ARRESTED 139 Times Says BAIL REFORM IS LIT! πŸ”₯

New York Man ARRESTED 139 Times Says BAIL REFORM IS LIT! πŸ”₯

Serial subway crook Charles Barry walked out of Manhattan Criminal Court early Saturday after his arraignment in his most recent arrest on Thursday afternoon. He knew that except for having to spend about 36 hours in police custody, there were no immediate consequences to his alleged crimes, which include charges he snatched cash from people trying to use MetroCard machines.

β€œBail reform, it’s lit!” Barry said. β€œIt’s the Democrats! The Democrats know me and the Republicans fear me. You can’t touch me! I can’t be stopped!”

Barry, 56, who’s served six stints in state prison, has been arrested six times since New York’s bail reform laws took effect Jan. 1.

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