Donald Trump Dumps E-Verify

Donald Trump Dumps E-Verify

Folks, cards on the table: 2016 was fun. Thanks for the memes. But I don’t need you anymore. It’s not me, it’s you. My focus is the economy, Israel, donors, & building the Trump brand. The forgotten people will stay forgotten. You’re old news. GDP is GOD.— King God Emperor President BIümpf (@EmperorInChief) February 13, 2020

Ask not what your country can “do” for you, but what can YOU do to END Presidential Harassment and GROW “GDP”.#IDontNeedYou2020#YoureWelcome2020— Blompf2020 (YOU’RE WELCOME, AMERICA!!) (@blompf2020) February 13, 2020

GREAT NEWS! #KAG2020??— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 12, 2020

Mandatory E-Verify?

It was one of those things that we voted for in the 2016 election that was so based like a Trump Deportation Force or a nationwide stop and frisk policy which was never heard about again after the election was over. See also the promises about guest worker programs.

Washington Times:

“President Trump’s new budget retreats on his campaign promise to require all U.S. businesses to use E-Verify to check their new hires, signaling the White House’s surrender on one of the best tools to shut down the jobs magnet that spurs illegal immigration.In the budget, released Monday, Mr. Trump says he backs the current mostly voluntary version of E-Verify. …Mandatory E-Verify had been part of Mr. Trump’s immigration policy dating back to the campaign. It was Priority No. 9 on his 10-point immigration plan released in August 2016, and was part of his immigration plans in 2017.Trump budgets released in 2018 and 2019 both called for mandatory nationwide E-Verify. …But the president himself suddenly had misgivings.In an interview with Fox News in May 2019 he said his business tried to use E-Verify when it was building the Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, but it made it too tough to hire people.“We would go through 28 people — 29, 30 people before we found one that qualified,” he told Fox.“So it’s a very tough thing to ask a farmer to go through that. So in a certain way, I speak against myself, but you also have to have a world of some practicality,” Mr. Trump said.”


“Jared Kushner has been quietly trying to resurrect discussions to overhaul the U.S. immigration system, multiple people familiar with the conversations have told NPR.President Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law has been meeting with business leaders, immigration hard-liners and other interest groups important to Republicans with the goal of rolling out a new immigration plan once Trump’s impeachment trial ended.The effort responds to a lobbying push by business groups, which have sought to use the booming economy — a core part of Trump’s 2020 campaign message — to make their case for more workers to fill critical job openings. …The new plan would boost the number of legal immigrants by increasing visas for high-skilled workers — something Trump has argued is needed for the tech industry and manufacturers to expand in America.  …The plan would increase the number of federal departments and agencies required to use E-Verify, a database that helps check the immigration status of employees, but would not make E-Verify mandatory for all businesses to use. …But there have been some shifts in his position on legal immigration.During his State of the Union address this year, Trump alluded to Kushner’s efforts to bring in more legal workers to help fuel the U.S. economy. “To build on these historic gains, we are working on legislation to replace our outdated and randomized immigration system with one based on merit, welcoming those who follow the rules, contribute to our economy, support themselves financially and uphold our values,” Trump said. …Trump addressed skepticism about that shift during a recent interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, who reminded Trump that he ran for office with a message that he would not allow foreign labor to replace American workers.Trump pushed back, arguing that U.S. companies, particularly tech companies, were running out of workers. “We have to allow smart people to stay in our country,” Trump said. “We don’t have enough of them. And we have to be competitive with the rest of the world too.”

Do you remember Donald Trump’s 10 Point Plan on immigration?

1. Build the wall2. End “catch and release.”3. Create a deportation task force and focus on criminals in the country illegally4. Defund sanctuary cities5. Cancel President Obama’s executive actions6. Extreme vetting. Block immigration from some nations7. Force other countries to take back those whom the U.S. wants to deport8. Get biometric visa tracking system fully in place9. Strengthen E-Verify, block jobs for the undocumented10. Limit legal immigration, lower it to “historic norms,” and set new caps

It sounded good.

It got him across the finish line in 2016.

He has also walked back virtually every single bit of it. The chumps say that in every election we have no choice but to vote for the GOP because of immigration and changing racial demographics. So we take these “positions” and “plans” at face value and go out and vote on that basis AND THEN once in office the “positions” on immigration are scrapped and nothing changes and instead we get the policies that donor class which were never even brought up during election season.

In the 2018 midterms, do you remember the GOP campaigning on spending all of 2019 on “fighting anti-Semitism” and trying to pass anti-BDS legislation? How about overthrowing the governments of Venezuela? How about assassinating Qasem Soleimani or a state crackdown on White Nationalism? “National Populism” is more like National Plutocracy in practice.


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