Trump trashes ‘lowlifes’ Peter Strzok and Lisa Page at impeachment celebration

Trump trashes ‘lowlifes’ Peter Strzok and Lisa Page at impeachment celebration

President Trump trashed former FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page during his post-acquittal victory speech after the Senate voting against convicting him on two articles of impeachment.

“When you have Lisa and Peter, the lovers, the FBI lovers,” Trump said at the White House on Thursday.

Trump, 73, mocked text messages between the two ex-FBI officials, which came to light during a Justice Department inspector general investigation, in which they expressed disbelief in the days before and after Trump won the presidency. In 2017, Strzok’s wife found phone conversations that revealed an affair between her husband and Page.

“‘There’s no way he gets elected,’ meaning me,” Trump said, pointing at himself. “‘I’m afraid we can’t take the risk.’ Now think of this, in other words, if I get elected, they can’t, they, two lowlifes, they can’t take the risk. They can’t take the risk. Think of it. And that’s where it came up, the greatest word of all ‘insurance policy.’”

Strzok and Page took part in the Hillary Clinton emails and Russia investigations, and upon the disclosure of their text messages, Republicans accused them of being part of a plot to undermine Trump. Although Inspector General Michael Horowitz criticized both investigations, the DOJ watchdog has not determined that bias tainted either.

After being fired, Strzok filed a wrongful termination lawsuit in August. Page sued the Justice Department and the FBI for violating her privacy by releasing her personal information to the public.

During his celebratory event, Trump also attacked former FBI Director James Comey, who he called a “sleazebag,” accusing him of working to cover up communications between agents such as Page and Strzok. The president lauded Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley for pressing Comey during 2018 questioning in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“I can tell you, in my opinion, these are the crookedest, most dishonest, dirtiest people I’ve ever seen. They said, this is Strzok: ‘God, Hillary should win 100 million to one.’ This is about me, this is an agent from the FBI. Look how they let her off. Thirty-three thousand emails deleted. Nothing happens to her. Nothing happens. It’s unbelievable.”

Trump also read statements between the two former agents that said he was “awful” and “a loathsome human being.”

“These are the people looking at me,” Trump said. “I’m really not a bad person.”

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