British Comedian BRILLIANTLY Mocks Liberal Media’s Hatred of “Rubes” [VIDEO]

British Comedian BRILLIANTLY Mocks Liberal Media’s Hatred of “Rubes” [VIDEO]

The liberal media make it clear how much they hate anyone who doesn’t agree with every opinion they have, affectionately referring to them as “rubes” (see Don Lemon and CNN Panel Mock Trump Voters as Stupid Dumb Hicks and Game Respects Game: The Daily Wire Creates “Lemon vs Lemon”). In America, it’s Trump supporters, or really anyone who doesn’t live in Washington, New York City, or Palo Alto. In England, it’s Brexit, the people who voted to leave the European Union.

Now that we’ve compared rubes to rubes, you’re ready to enjoy this short video from British comedian and satirist Jonathan Pie called Hard Brexit. Apparently, the press in the UK sucks just as much as it does here in America, and for many of the same reasons.

[The worst part of the job by far is] talking to normal people. Getting to know the public. It’s soul-destroying. Now we have Twitter, which is a godsend. You just troll through it and someone somewhere is saying what you want them to say. It’s journalism for toddlers.

You’re always looking for extremes. With “remainers,” you want the upset ones. With “leave” voters, obviously you’re looking for the ones who are a bit racist.

I know 14 minutes is a bit of an investment. If you have to bookmark this page and go make yourself another pot of Black Rifle Coffee while you peruse our other posts, feel free. But make sure you come back, because there’s a little of everything. A highlight is “news” being made by leftist twats on Twitter (I can say “twat” because it’s England) that lazy reporters simply accept as facts.

Also, let’s not get it twisted and assume Pie is signing up for Mug Club any time soon. The actor who plays him is pretty far left. But even people on the Left are increasingly seeing how problematic it is that the media sucks as hard as it does.


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