5 Reasons Why I Love My 43-Inch Samsung 4K QLED TV

5 Reasons Why I Love My 43-Inch Samsung 4K QLED TV

Harry J. Kazianis


My wife was looking for something special for our bedroom viewing. She found a winner. Here’s why we love this TV. 

OLED, QLED, LCD, LED and blah blah blah. Lots of acronyms that most consumers just skip right over.

But for those of us who are looking for quality, a good price, ease of use, and longevity when picking their next TV set, I look at the entire picture—no pun intended.

That’s why when my wife asked for a new TV for our bedroom I thought immediately it was TCL 8 series time! Yes, I finally get to try out all of those new tech goodies from China. I have a TCL 6 series from 2019 and love it—more than my OLED.

And then she saw the price. And then she found out that those TVs have some interesting connections to the Chinese government.

She also did not want a massive TV. We have a 65-inch 8 Series Samsung from 2017 as our main theatre TV. When I argued that we could oh so easily just move that into the bedroom and upgrade the big screen, she laughed at me.

But there is a more important reason she gets the pick on this TV. She suffers from stage four kidney failure and many days needs to rest in bed with our two dogs. She wanted a TV with a great picture, ease of use, something that will last a long time and that was easy to connect with a soundbar with a great selection of apps.

So, with all of that said, in early December, we headed to the local Best Buy in Gaithersburg, just north of Washington, D.C., to make the big purchase. We looked at TCL once again, Sony OLEDs, cheap brands like Insignia and others. But the only one that made the cut was the 43-inch QLED Q60 by Samsung. For her, five big reasons stood out:

1. A Really Good Picture: Ok, so not OLED good, but in both of our views, better than the TCL 6 series we own. It has nice blacks, great colors and tweaking them is easy with TV’s operating system being straightforward and easy to use. Speaking of that OS…

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