Missile Defense: Keystone Of the New Cold War

Missile Defense: Keystone Of the New Cold War

Leonid Nersisyan

Security, Eurasia


Russia and the United States hope to cancel out the other’s arsenal of weapons.

Key Point: Missile defense continues to not be practical or deescalatory. 

The intensity of relations between the United States and Russia has reached its zenith. That has led nuclear deterrence and missile defense to once again become a relevant subject of discussion, as they were during the Cold War. I have already discussed the countries’ balance of strategic nuclear forces in a separate series of articles covering land, undersea and air components. Now it’s time to pay attention to their missile-defense system capabilities and assess whether they can—at this point or in the future—shift the strategic balance towards any party’s side.

U.S. Missile Defense: Strategic GMD and Progressive Aegis

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