Deep Dive: Trump Senate Impeachment Trial & “The Kavanaugh Approach” – Judicial Watch

Deep Dive: Trump Senate Impeachment Trial & “The Kavanaugh Approach” – Judicial Watch

In this week’s Weekly Update, President Tom Fitton focused on the impeachment trial, Schiff’s abuse of the Senate and the need for a strong legal defense for the President.

The Senate impeachment trial opens yet another “sad week for our constitutional republic,” Fitton states. With “no evidence of misconduct having yet been presented,”  the impeachment campaign, he continues, has become a “political circus-like” attack on the President of the United States.  What’s more,  the Pelosi-Schiff coup wants you to “forget the reality that Ukraine is corrupt,” and that Kiev colluded with the Obama Administration in “protecting Joe Biden,” Fitton concludes. Ultimately, he affirms, “the President wouldn’t be doing his job if he weren’t asking questions about Ukrainian corruption.” Furthermore, with more information emerging on Spygate and still “no evidence that [Trump’s communications with Zelensky] were for an improper purpose,” the impeachment effort is making it look “worse for the Obama gang in terms of their illicit spying of then-candidate and then President Trump.”

As the impeachment farce rolls on, Americans should be weary of the Deep State’s intimidation and penchant for the disruptive tactics seen in the Kavanaugh hearings. The “Kavanaugh approach,” Fitton explains, is likely to brutalize the impeachment circus by “bringing in witnesses at the last minute,” without regard “for the veracity or truth of their claims.” Disruptive in their nature, “leftist activists, belonging to the same group that were involved in the Kavanaugh hearings are showing up in the Senate” to pursue “intimidatory tactics” aimed at pressuring Senators, and the Nation.

Fitton concludes, that while the Senate trial “rewards the coup-cabal,” Trump’s legal defense should fight to bring in relevant witnesses and must “focus on the prosecutorial misconduct of Adam Schiff.” After all, only through questioning his wild abuse of the impeachment process will Americans get answers on this outrageous coup attempt.

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