Bill Maher on Fat Pride: People are Proud to Be Unhealthy [VIDEO]

Bill Maher on Fat Pride: People are Proud to Be Unhealthy [VIDEO]

It didn’t get quite the attention as something that involved a Kardashian, or the Royal Family, but my favorite mini-feud of last year was Bill Maher vs James Corden. Purely for the stupidity of it (see WATCH: Bill Maher Devours Democrats Over the Fat Acceptance Movement and WATCH: James Corden Issues Response to Bill Maher’s Fat-Shaming Video). Maher said being fat is unhealthy. Overweight Corden felt personally attacked by it. As, in his words, “someone who has struggled with weight.” The feud came up during Maher’s recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience. As well as how ridiculous people have gotten taking pride in their clogged arteries and unstable glucose levels.

The fat stuff starts at about 3:30 or so.

You can’t solve health care unless you ask the people to participate. We’ve gone to this place where we’re proud of being unhealthy. Weight Watchers had to take the word “weight” and “watchers” out of its title. “Being fat isn’t bad.” What’s bad is someone pointing out that being fat is bad. 40,000 people a month — a month — die of obesity. That’s a crazy number. We have to somehow reverse this idea in this country that “I’m perfect the way I am.”

As someone who has struggled with weight throughout his life, but who isn’t a whiney bitch about it like James Corden, Bill Maher and Joe Rogan are spot on. I even speak from current experience. A surgery preceded by a fractured ankle prevented me from exercising for the last four months. My utter lack of self-control prevented me from keeping the slightest semblance of a proper diet at the same time. Add the two together, and it explains the results of my recent physical. I didn’t yell at my doctor for hurting my feelings. I looked at the data illustrating what a fat f*ck I’ve been lately, and started taking personal responsibility for it this year.

I also have never been one to expect others to pay for my poor health choices. I wonder if the two are related?


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