If a Second Korean War Happens, These Are the Weapons America Would Need to Win

If a Second Korean War Happens, These Are the Weapons America Would Need to Win

Kyle Mizokami

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Let’s hope it never happens.

Key point: A second Korean War would kill millions and would best be avoided. However, if a war had to be fought, it would be better if America and South Korea had the best equipment and defenses.

The U.S. Army has maintained a continuous presence in South Korea from 1945 to the present day. Today, the Army permanently bases air defense, artillery, aviation and support units in South Korea, plus a heavy-armor brigade combat team that rotates from the continental United States. In the event of war, it flow even more personnel and equipment into the theater to deal with contingencies of invasion, regime collapse and weapons of mass destruction. Here are five weapons the U.S. Army will need if the balloon goes up again in Korea.

Theater High Altitude Air Defense (THAAD)

THAAD is capable of downing short- and medium-range ballistic missiles, of which North Korea has hundreds, from the short-ranged Hwasong-6 and -7 ballistic missiles to the medium-range Nodong. THAAD will be invaluable to protecting key military, economic and political targets in South Korea, particularly those ports and airfields vital for reinforcing U.S. forces in Korea.

Currently, the United States operates one battery of six THAAD launchers, for a total of forty-eight missiles in South Korea, along with a AN/TPY-2 ballistic-missile defense radar. In a crisis, the United States would likely deploy even more THAAD batteries across Asia, including to fill gaps in coverage over South Korea. (South Korea’s capital Seoul, incredibly, is not protected by the current THAAD deployment.)

The Patriot Missile

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