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From One America News:

Durham investigation puts CIA Director Gina Haspel on notice – (12/27/2019)

Former FBI Director James Comey said on Sunday that he wouldn’t resign over the findings in the Department of Justice Inspector General report on the origins of the Russia probe if he was still in charge of the FBI.

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From Judicial Watch:

1. Judicial Watch Sues for Communication Among James Clapper, John Brennan and CNN (3/27/2019)

Victor Davis Hanson noted: “Brennan, in May 2017, as an ex-CIA director, again almost certainly did not tell the truth to Congress when he testified in answer to Rep. Tray Gowdy’s questions that he neither knew who had commissioned the Steele dossier nor had the CIA relied on its contents for any action.”

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2. Joe diGenova: A false investigation with lies created by by John Brennan (5/14/2019)

DiGenova: This was “a false investigation with lies created by the intelligence community by John Brennan. This is John Brennan’s baby. John Brennan started this. He hated Trump, and he used the powerful tools of the United States intelligence community to weaponize intelligence.”

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3. Judicial Watch Sues For Documents on John Brennan Dossier Leak to Senator Harry Reid (7/6/2018)

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid reportedly believed then-Obama CIA Director Brennan was feeding him information about alleged links between the Trump campaign and the Russian government in order to make public accusations.

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