President Donald Trump OFFICIALLY Impeached! Now What?

President Donald J Trump has officially been impeached by vote in a Democratic Party controlled House of Representatives. Some moderate/vulnerable Democrats voted against impeachment, but not enough to matter since a simple majority is all that is needed in this step of the impeachment process.

Some may be confused by this process due to the President not being immediately removed. An explanation for this confusion is simple. Impeachment does not mean removal. It’s just another step in the impeachment process. After this, the Senate considers the articles of impeachment at trial. They can convict, acquit, or dismiss.

A super-majority (2/3) of the Senate is required to convict the President. In this case, that would mean 20 Republicans to defect and vote against the President. Since a grand total of zero Republicans voted for the impeachment inquiry, and no new information has been discovered since the inquiry, it’s not possible to get 20 Republicans to vote for a more serious charge – the conviction and removal of a President.

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Author: Anthony Brian Logan