Lizzo Sings, Jumps on Table. It Collapses like a Dying Star.

Maybe at this moment, Lizzo felt like a butterfly. Here she is, at some kind of event, wearing a sparkling leotard, embodying pure grace and lightness. So inspired was she in her signing grace, Lizzo upped the performance ante not by alighting to a higher plane, but by cannonballing into the tables, causing her and the table’s legs to fold.

This is a metaphor for the fat pride movement.

Folding tables at weddings, parties and impromptu displays of pressure equals force divided by area, are designed to hold plates, cutlery, and food. Folding tables are not designed as performance stages for humpback whales who identify as nightingales. Further, folding tables like everything else in this world must abide by certain rules. They cannot be shamed into seeing that which isn’t a reality for the sake of advancing someone’s feelings.

This table, like reality, cannot support a lie. The lie here is that Lizzo, possibly believing herself to be brave, beautiful, and capable just because she believes it and f*ck the haters, didn’t consider may be the table couldn’t support more than a full Thanksgiving spread. No, Lizzo wanted to make a statement. Based on things we’ve seen her do before, I believe that statement is likely “Just because I’m hefty doesn’t mean I’m not gorgeous.”

The table doesn’t care what Lizzo believes. The table is a table. It probably couldn’t support a smaller woman jumping onto it, much less all of Lizzo’s spectacular abundance. So while Lizzo did make a statement, it isn’t the statement she probably intended: though one’s dreams may be as large as they are, there’s only so much support one can get.

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Author: Courtney Kirchoff