The Hell Question: Do Trump’s Evangelicals Believe Jews Need Jesus?

I’ve become a big fan of TruNews.

I believe that Rick Wiles and Doc Burkhart are doing some of the most important work that is going on right now. We’ve long needed someone to go after these Christian Zionist mountebanks like John Hagee. This was one of the biggest failings of the Alt-Right.

I promote E. Michael Jones for the same reason. I don’t like what he says about race, but he is great on sexuality and the Jewish Question. What is more important?

As a practical matter, we need people on our side who can explain the Jewish Question to Catholics and evangelical Protestants. White Nationalism and the Alt-Right were too secular and pagan to reach into that disaffected audience and redpill the Religious Right.

Note: The ADL is our common political enemy and waking up millions of Christians to their malign influence is the prerequisite to taking them down under any realistic scenario.

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Author: DissentWatch