MSNBC Attacks Black Voters For Not Voting Democrat!

Joy Ann Reid had a guest by the name of Shireen Mitchell on her MSNBC show Am Joy to speak about what she labeled as “misinformation campaigns” directed towards black women. These campaigns included the #ADOS Movement, Blexit, FBA, Black Voics for Trump, and more.

She said that these groups exist for the purpose of misguiding voters online with false information about individuals like Kamala Harris in order to get black folks to stop voting Democratic Party. This practice was labeled as “digital voter suppression.”

The online aspect of these groups is what Mitchell focused on, since many of them mobilize that way. So of course, there is the allegation of many of these online accounts are fake or what some may call ” Russian bots.”

To many out there that actually participate in these groups, what MSNBC did by allowing Shireen Mitchell onto their platform is what she accuses them of doing… “digital voter suppression” by ways of misinformation.

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Joy Ann Reid MSNBC #AmJoy Show

AM Joy 12/8/19

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Author: Anthony Brian Logan

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