Lisa Page Says SHE Is The Victim, I Can’t Tell!

Lisa Page, the former FBI lawyer who opposed Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy while the agency conducted critical investigations surrounding the 2016 campaign, has spoken out for the first time in a Daily Beast interview.

Page had an extramarital affair with FBI agent Peter Strzok, both of whom were involved in the investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s hidden emails, and of the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia.

The text messages between the two lovers included much anti-Trump commiserating, which led to Strzok being reassigned from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Their discussion of an “insurance” policy has fueled suspicion among Trump supporters that the agency intended to remove Trump from office if he won.

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Lisa Page Speaks Out: DOJ Has ‘Abandoned … Truth and Independence’

Lisa Page Is Not A Victim

Trump mocks FBI’s Lisa Page, again citing debunked text-message conspiracy

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Author: Anthony Brian Logan