Henry Cavill Corrects Interviewer Who Tried To Bait Him About “Toxic” Fans

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If you’ve read the comment section of my Youtube videos, you’ve probably seen the word Toxic multiple times. This seems to be a term used to describe the growing number of people that take issue with depiction of characters with mountains of source material.

In a recent interview regarding The Witcher, Cavill was asked by an interviewer about his views on toxic fandoms and how that relates to the character in the show. It was an oddly worded question as the interviewer just assumes that he actually agrees with the position; as if it is facts. But not only did Cavill respond with saying that’s nothing like what the character experiences, he also corrected the interviewer saying that he wouldn’t call it toxic.

Bravo, Henry. Bravo.

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Author: YoungRippa59