Gideon Sa’ar: If Netanyahu leads Likud elections, we risk left wing gov’t – Israel News

Gideon Sa’ar said that he has no regrets over his calls for Likud leadership primaries in an interview with Channel 13 on Saturday, as well as claiming that many Likud members support him, but are afraid to say so.“[I have] no regrets, I’m at peace with myself. I did not call for the Prime Minister to quit, I called for competition.””Since the Prime Minister wanted to force primaries at the start of October, it’s even more right to do them at least now. This is the last moment we can still hold them,” Sa’ar stated.“The attacks trying to delegitimize me, it threatens everyone” Sa’ar continued. “These attacks are meant to scare Likud members from saying what they want. When addressing the members of the Likud I get huge support, thousands of positive remarks.”  “I don’t want to be built up on the plight of the PM, twice he couldn’t build a government. If he can do it however in the 11 days he has left, I will support him. The question is, should we go to a third and risk this crazy dead end, which will cost the citizens welfare services, as well as an increase in tax burden. The correct thing to do is to do exactly what the PM suggested two months ago”“There’s a right-wing majority in the public, there’s a right-wing majority in the Knesset, and yet it couldn’t form a government. Either way, I will support any plan for a unity government to avoid the madness of a third election,” Sa’ar continued. “If we go to a third election with Netanyahu at the helm, we’re risking a left-wing government. It’s the political reality: Netanyahu won’t be able to make a government even for the third or fourth time. I’m not coming from a place that’s against him.”“I very much hope for a unity government, though the chances for that are slim. Any unity government is better than a third election. I’m expecting Gantz to agree to a unity government as well, not just Netanyahu.”

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Author: The Jerusalem Post