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TR.News is using a brand new commenting system from @SteemPress. This is built on something called Steem: a social network system where you and only you have control and ownership of your account. Once you’re on Steem, you can’t be deleted from the system.

Every post on TR.News is automatically mirrored on the Steem social media system. You can see this in action on various sites that all link to the same Steem system. All these link to the same content but on different sites making Steem very hard to block or censor:

You will be able to discuss the core principles of Islam here on TR.News. If you’re doing this, especially from the UK, we will understand if you want to keep yourself anonymous using a pseudonym. The persecution is real, don’t get yourself fired or worse.



There is a facility to comment without a full Steem account, this is what happens when you log in with an email address. If you make enough comments this way, you’ll be able to claim a Steem account for free.

We are not responsible for the content of comments. They are posted by users. If we see objectionable content we will remove it. If something is on the site, that doesn’t mean we approve or endorse it.

We at TR.News can control which comments appear here and whenever we see or are alerted to any of the following, they will be hidden:

  • Keep it civil and polite: this might be online but treat it like your local pub. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it here.
  • We have zero tolerance for incitement to violence against anyone or any group.
  • No posting of obviously illegal content or images.
  • We do not tolerate Jew hatred or the spreading of common antisemitic tropes designed to stir up Jew hatred, we are not the Labour Party.
  • If you’re making wild claims you can’t back up with facts, they will be removed.
  • Obvious scams and spam will be banned and blocked.
  • This list may grow.

The comments will be overseen by the @tr-news Steem account.

This is brand new, so as things progress and develop so shall we, any updates will be posted here.

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Author: DissentWatch