‘Red Man who doesn’t like Jews’ Labour leader slammed by 86-year old – Diaspora

 When Sky news asked an elderly British lady by the name of Molly about her opinions concerning the December 12 UK elections they didn’t think they’ll get such a fierce reaction. 

Molly openly called Conservative Party leader and current UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson a “buffoon” and his rival for the position Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn “the Red Man who doesn’t like Jews.” 

It seems she was referring to the strong socialist positions expressed by the Labour leader who recently offered to provide everyone in the UK with state-funded free high-speed internet access and his views concerning Jews and Israel. While Corbyn enjoys some Jewish support and insists that he is not anti-Jewish various British-Jewish public figures warned against the possibility of him becoming PM, including the Chief Rabbi of the UK. 

Molly did not mince her words when she said “he [Corbyn] does not like the Jewish people and I don’t agree with that,” the Sun reported.  

She also expressed sympathy for former PM Theresa May, also from the Conservative party, and claimed she was maltreated during her time in office. 

The UK had been facing the issue of how it could exit the EU following the 2016 Brexit referendum on the topic. It is the only EU member country to take this course of action so far. 

Brexit opened up a wide chasm in British society between those who saw their future within the European community and those who wish to see a stronger, prouder, British identity. The chasm also has generational aspects, with many young people eager to remain in the EU, and cultural aspects about the meaning of British identity in a multi-cultural society. 

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Author: The Jerusalem Post