Students Arrested After Police and Protester Standoff at Hong Kong Polytechnic University

▶️ Students are being arrested outside Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The campus is shown destroyed and littered with debris after a tough standoff between police and protestors that began over the weekend.

👉 About 200 students still remain barricaded and surrounded by riot police inside the university, while some attempted to escape past police lines Tuesday.

Last week, hundreds of students barricades themselves on the campus, collecting makeshift weapons including bricks, arrows, and molotov cocktails. Now, only “100-something” protesters remain, says VOA Cantonese service reporter Iris Tong. “But less than half of them can go to the frontlines,” she estimates.

Hong Kong’s executive Carrie Lam on Tuesday made her first substantial remarks on the standoff, saying she is “extremely worried” and hopes the situation can be resolved peacefully.

Neither Beijing nor Hong Kong authorities show signs of giving in.

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Author: VOA News