Hong Kong Polytechnic University Protesters Try to Escape Via Sewage Tunnel

▶️ Several protesters resorted to sewage tunnels early Tuesday, November 19, as they tried to escape the sealed-off Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
According to the Hong Kong Fire Services personnel on site, about four to five manholes were left open when they arrived inside the school. Firemen entered the sewer to search for protesters who tried to escape and advised them against it, saying it was very dangerous.
👉 Waves of student protesters attempted daring escapes past police lines Tuesday, while fewer than 200 others remain barricaded and surrounded by riot police inside a Hong Kong university.
VOA Cantonese Service reporter Iris Tong, who was with students inside the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, described scenes of desperation, with at least two young teenagers threatening suicide.
Since Sunday, police have ordered the protesters to drop their homemade weapons and leave the campus via a single exit, where they likely would face riot-related charges. As of early Tuesday, hundreds had agreed to leave the school following negotiations by local officials and community leaders. (VOA/Reuters)
LINK: https://www.voanews.com/east-asia-pacific/hong-kong-protesters-increasingly-desperate-campus-standoff-continues

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Author: VOA News