Bolivian Military Deploys Armored Vehicles to End Blockade

Bolivian police and military forces brought in armored vehicles and helicopters to unblock access to a gas plant, Tuesday, November 19, after protester blockades at the facility had cut off fuel supply to La Paz.
READ MORE: Bolivia’s interim President Jeanine Anez was forced to suspend a trip out of the capital La Paz planned for Monday, November 18, a government spokesman said, after a threat on her life by a “criminal group.”

Anez, 52, had been due to travel to her native Beni province in northeastern Bolivia, but the trip was canceled because of a credible threat, Interior Minister Arturo Murillo said at a news conference in La Paz.

Both Cuba and Venezuela were close allies of socialist former President Evo Morales, who stepped down last week amid violent protests and accusations of vote-rigging in an Oct. 20 presidential election. An Organization of American States audit found irregularities in the vote.

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Author: VOA News