BBC’s Prince Andrew Interview on Jeffrey Epstein Relationship is an Unmitigated Disaster

There’s a very good chance you’ve already seen snippets from this interview. Fair, because the BBC’s grilling of Prince Andrew happened over the weekend and it’s Epstein content. The question is, have you seen this full interview in its glorious, disastrous entirety? I understand in 2019 it’s hard to just sit for 50 minutes at once. But if I may suggest you watch this entire thing when you have a few moments here and there, you won’t regret it.

The obvious uncomfortable lying on behalf of Prince Andrew begins around the 19-minute mark, if you feel like jumping ahead.

Prince Andrew: liar. Prince Andrew: possible sex-pervert. “Possible” there identifies as “probable” but one has to play some things safe for lawyers and whatnot. Also, I think Prince Andrew is a sex pervert who enjoys coitus with underage girls. But that’s just my opinion… based on all the evidence presented thus far. There seems like rather a lot of it.

Secondly, who in the holy hell at Buckingham Palace thought this clear liar sitting down with the BBC for an interview was a good idea? Really undermines whatever wisdom the Royal Family may claim to have. Dumb move, guys.

Thirdly, major kudos to Emily Maitlis who interviewed this creep. She wasn’t buying what Andrew was selling, mainly his claims he didn’t:

  • …know Epstein was a sex pervert who trafficked underage girls.
  • …have sex with Virginia Roberts.
  • …know Virginia Roberts.
  • …remember having his photo taken with Virginia Roberts despite there being a photo of him with Virginia Roberts.
  • …have sex with a girl who made claims in a legal deposition that Andrew porked her on three separate occasions.

Among many other problems with this interview like Prince Andrew’s clear body language which seems like he


How can you repeatedly visit the house of a sex pervert, go to his homes and his islands and not know the dude is diddling underage chicas? How stupid does Andrew think we are? I guess he thinks we’re just as stupid as he is.

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Author: Courtney Kirchoff