Has Chick-fil-A CAVED To The Left? I Don’t Think So!

An article originating on the website “Bisnow” states that Chick-fil-A will no longer donate money to charities with anti-LGBTQ views. This story has been repeated all over mainstream media, both on the left and right. A million dollar question must be asked here. Is the story TRUE? It’s possible, but not likely.

First of all, there is no statement from Chick-fil-A that says their cessation of donations to two charities – The Salvation Army and Fellowship of Christian Athletes – is due to their anti-LGBTQ views. They are simply restructuring their donation strategy to focus on smaller groups that help with homelessness and hunger. They will donate to the Covenant House in 2019 – a Christian organization. Furthermore, they did not label any group as anti-LGBTQ. That label stems from the media. Chick-fil-A has never done that.

CEO and son of company founder Truett Cathy – Dan Cathy, has not apologized for his Christian views and his vocal support of traditional marriage. They are still closed on Sunday and unapologetic in their Christian faith as a company.

It seems as if the website that originally published the story wanted to frame Chick-fil-A’s new donation plan as a win from the left due to caving to leftist pressure. When in reality, they released a statement that says no charity will be off the list of giving, faith based or not.

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Author: Anthony Brian Logan