Fireside Chat Ep. 108 – Men Have Periods Too (And Other Lies)

This week, Dennis Prager addresses the lies the left tells, including the outrageous claim that men can have periods, too. He then discusses his appearance on Bill Maher’s show and how the left always says that conservatives over-exaggerate their claims. Tune in!

• The differences between Left and Liberal – 5-Minute Video
• Watch “No Safe Spaces” –

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0:00 It’s Great To Be With You Every Week
0:33 This Episode Is Sponsored By CCU
1:49 Does The Right Exaggerate?
2:46 Free Speech Includes Hate Speech
3:48 No Safe Spaces Is Out Now!
5:00 Don’t Give Government More Power
6:45 Dennis Went On Bill Maher
8:23 Mainstream: “Men Can Have Periods”
9:45 The War On Christmas
12:00 Conservatives Are Afraid To Come Out
14:00 The Desire To Have Power Over Others
15:55 Canada’s “Tolerance”
17:40 Dennis’s Favorite Places To Travel
20:03 Dennis Enjoys The Differences Of India
23:38 The Friendliest People And Cultures
25:20 Why The Left Gets Away With Deceit
25:32 What To Do About Homelessness
26:33 Understanding “God-Given Rights”
28:50 Clarity Over Agreement Is Key
31:52 Otto, You’re The Man!

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Author: PragerU