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Case 4000: newly released transcripts from Sara Netanyahu’s interrogation – Israel News

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Channel 13 revealed another testimony from Sara Netanyahu on Thursday as a part her interrogation in Case 4000, during which she told investigators: “Why do I need to live in my country in fear of speaking my mind? It’s a leftist media dictatorship. To overthrow democracy and actually start a government coup.”The prime minister’s wife was asked about a message she sent to her associate after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s interview with Dov Gilhar on Walla, six days before the 2015 election. “It was an awful interview. They asked for mistakes to be corrected and promised! Even yesterday, he spoke to Shaul. Shame on them!” According to the police, this refers to Prime Minister Netanyahu, who spoke with controlling shareholder for Bezeq and Walla, Shaul Elovich. The text message was forwarded to him, and he immediately passed it on to the site’s managing director, Ilan Yeshua.Investigators told Netanyahu: “You have also called for personal attacks on Minister [Gilad] Erdan and [Minister Naftali] Bennett, who supposedly have a right-wing agenda.” Netanyahu responds: “The whole agenda is right-wing for real right-wingers, not impostors. Erdan has come out behind the prime minister’s back and led him to lie and establish the left-wing corporation of Noni Moses [CEO of the Yediot Aharonot newspaper.] And Bennett is a man who, along with his girlfriend, Ayelet Shaked, filed a law to shut down Israel Hayom, the right-wing newspaper. It’s a fact, they keep getting good press from the Left.”Investigators told Mrs. Netanyahu that witness Shlomo Filber claimed to be involved in the Communications Ministry, to which she replied that that was a lie. When investigators showed her an example of correspondence between Elovich and former Walla editor-in-chief Ilan Yeshua, which indicated that they were censoring news of Netanyahu’s then-rival Tzipi Livni while tying it to the “Bezeq-Yes” deal, the prime minister’s wife replied: “I think that’s delusional and I have nothing to do with it.”Later, after Nir Hefetz became a state witness, the police sought a confrontation between Sara Netanyahu, Filber and Hefetz, and she refused. “I’m not going to have any clashes with state witnesses here. I feel very unwell. I don’t need to get an aneurysm here,” she said. When confronted with messages sent between her and Hefetz regarding intervention in media outlets, she replied: “I would like all left-wing media outlets to be shut down in the country.A spokesperson on behalf of Sara Netanyahu said that “the false, inaccurate, vicious and recycled criminal leaks that you publish have been investigated and it was determined that there is nothing incriminating about them.””But it’s not surprising that instead of admitting that for more than three years, you have been pursuing a man-hunt after Sarah Netanyahu and shed her blood in vain, you continue to try to bombard her with evil, false accusations. All to perpetuate the false and inaccurate image that you work so hard to pin to her, in a biased and well-timed media campaign.What hypocrisy, shame on you. “Translated by Idan Zonshine.

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Author: The Jerusalem Post