Blaze’s Allie Beth Stuckey Testifies Before Congressional Hearing on Behalf of Unborn Babies

If you’re a Mug Club member with full access to The Blaze’s lineup, you may know who Allie Beth Stuckey is. She, like many of us, is a conservative concerned with America’s continued butchery of unborn children all under the banner of “women’s choice.” She testified before a Congressional hearing today on behalf of unborn children, and nailed her opening address:

A quick question and this isn’t a slight to Allie Beth. Why wasn’t an OBGYN testifying about embryology?

Hopefully, you were able to keep your eyes on Allie Beth, not that insufferable, obviously pro-choice witch three rows back to Allie Beth’s right (your left). I don’t advocate for violence, but I wouldn’t mind calling her some choice names if given the opportunity.

Allie Beth covered the core pro-life points rather well. How is it that a baby is deserving of life if it’s wanted, but a clump of cells to be disposed at a mother’s whim if it’s not? And this coming from the party which claims to be the party of science. I guess for Democrats, as long as you just “identify” as something, then you automatically are that something. Facts schmacts.

There is not only a war against unborn children, but a war against anyone who dares stand up for unborn children, and certainly a war against anyone who dares oppose or expose Planned Parenthood. I included the last point as Planned Parenthood delivered its closing arguments against the David Dalieden and Sandra Merritt (Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Parts), earlier this week.

The pro-life message needs to get out and be seen as often as it can. Here’s hoping Allie changed some hearts and minds. And if not, perhaps she touched someone today who one day can. We never know how all of this ultimately will play out in the battle for life.


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff