Nancy Pelosi Says Trump’s Impeachment is About ‘Patriotism’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is on video saying impeaching Trump is about unifying the Democrat caucus in the House in order to prevent a disaster in 2020. So Trump’s re-election. That’s the shot, here’s the chaser. Nancy Pelosi says impeaching Trump isn’t about politics, it’s about patriotism.

Oh, I see. Following that logic, here are some truths according to the mentality of Nancy Pelosi:

  • Lying isn’t about fudging the truth, it’s about building roads to understanding.
  • Robbery isn’t about greed, it’s about wealth redistribution.
  • Rape isn’t about violent lust, it’s about love.
  • Murder isn’t really about murder, it’s just making space for someone else at the table.

Impeaching Trump is absolutely about politics. It’s absolutely about the Democrats. You know it, I know it, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knows it, media knows it, and I suspect my three dogs know it. Nancy Pelosi knows it. She just thinks people are too stupid to realize what it is she’s doing. Despite the very reporter asking her about impeachment knowing what it is she’s doing.

This is the same Nancy Pelosi who tried convincing Americans MS-13 gang members are children of God, and the same Nancy who said we needed to pass ObamaCare so we could read what was in ObamaCare. So pardon me if think Nancy Pelosi can go step on a fork which we can call a spoon but is still a fork.


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff