Groyper War: Charlie Kirk “Florida Meltdown” Live Tonight!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 12, 2019

We are AMERICA FIRST—Demographic change is real and has consequences. Mass immigration is a mortal threat to our Nation—Social conservatism and Christian values are central to our worldview. We are not the left!—No dual loyalty! We care about AMERICAN interests, not any other!
— american nationalist (@NationalistTV) November 12, 2019

Tonight, the Groyper War continues in at the University of Florida in Gainesville.
We are going to have our biggest assembled army yet there. Men are signing up to become Groypers left and right (Gropper recruitment is also up).
Because here’s the thing about angry mobs and peasant uprisings: once they get going, everyone in the entire village wants in on it.

Everyone saw the event on Sunday, when the smallface rat Charlie Kirk, leader of Turning Point USA, was forced to flee with the president and that horrible Puerto Rican cunt who called us all incels. The natural response for everyone – even people who don’t know what’s going on – is “GO GO GO, THEY’RE ON THE RUN!”

That is crowd psychology, that is mob psychology, that is the psychology of a peasant uprising.
And we have already started the fire.
A crowd is gathering around to see what the crowd is gathering around for.
Everyone wants a piece of Charlie Kirk. Everyone wants to be there, yelling and jeering at the villain who has sold out the people to foreign financial interests for his own enrichment.
Everyone wants to demand that the leader of this peasant uprising be granted an audience with the king, that he may express our frustrations and our demands.

So expect the biggest turnout yet in Florida.
I think there are going to be people waiting outside. It is going to be a huge show.
And again, for all of you there: assume there will not be questions. Do not go in there with good faith. The good faith is gone now. Charlie Kirk lost all of that when he refused to hear our questions at UCLA and then fled the auditorium in fear.
If you’re going to be there, read my game plan post.
We will be here, on the internet, at 7:00 EST with a livestream. 

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Author: DissentWatch