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Alt-Right author and podcaster Josh Neal has been doxed as Joshua Neil Dietz of Brooklyn, a hypnotherapist, adjunct college teacher, and musician who plays guitar in a group called Jimmy and THE BAND with a black, a gay white cross-dresser, and a Jew (although judging from Dietz’s phenotype, there might be more than one Jew in the band). Quite the double life.

I am commenting on this only because Dietz was apparently doxed by someone in the broader White Nationalist movement, an occurrence that is becoming almost as depressingly regular as mass shootings. Thus I feel the need to dust off yet again my case for why doxing is so destructive and why doxers within our ranks should suffer complete shunning and social death.

Baked Alaska should be dead to us for doxing Jeff Giesea. Daniel Friberg should be dead to us for doxing Frodi Midjord. Paul Nehlen should be dead to us for doxing Ricky Vaughan. Christopher Cantwell and Augustus Invictus should be dead to us for doxing multiple parties. As should Hunter Wallace. (I apologize to his victims for forgetting their plight in recent years.) And whoever this guy is, who is taking Tyler Durden’s name in vain, should be dead to us for doxing Josh Neal:

I don’t know Josh Dietz. I was on one of his podcasts once. He didn’t leave a strong impression. I later learned, however, that he is one of Richard Spencer’s last remaining associates, which does not speak well of him in my book. But opposing doxing is a matter of principle. Our personal feelings about — and ideological differences with — doxing victims should not matter.

Josh Dietz has my sympathy. I’ve been in his shoes, twice. If you have a dog, Josh, keep an eye on him. Antifa are dog poisoners. They tried it twice on my dog. There are quite a few race-conscious whites in Brooklyn, but it must feel like a very lonely place right now.

Whoever doxed Josh Dietz has my eternal contempt. If anyone knows who TylerDurden333 is, you need to cut him out of your lives like the cancer that he is.


For years, I have argued that our mostly online and anonymous movement is more likely to develop into a large and formidable real-world community if we follow two basic rules. First, everyone gets to choose his own level of explicitness and involvement. Second, everybody else has to respect those decisions, including people’s decisions to keep their identities secret.

Doxing refers to publishing private information about an individual — his real name, his home address, his school, his employer, etc. — in order to cause him harm. Doxing is a favored tool used by the Left to expose White Nationalists to persecution from the system and criminal antifa elements.

In recent months, however, doxing has been used by movement people to settle scores with movement rivals. To give two recent examples: Iron March members were trying to dox American Vanguard members, and Twitter’s Baked Alaska recently doxed Twitter’s Bunker Smith (who is a Trumpian civic nationalist, not a White Nationalist). Simply sharing people’s pen names among fellow movement people can cause huge problems. But doxing is far worse, because it makes such private information available to the public at large.

This has to stop. The White Nationalist movement has grown tremendously in the internet age because the web allows our people to conceal our identities from those who would persecute us for our beliefs. But our movement cannot continue growing online, much less transition to real-world meetups, without a commitment to protecting people’s identities from doxing. The recent doxings indicate that we need to make this principle more explicit and back it up with punishments for those who violate it.

Doxing fellow movement people strikes at the anonymity and trust that are the foundations of our movement. Therefore, I want to propose the following rules for dealing with doxers.

  1. Any movement person who doxes another movement person must suffer the social equivalent of a death sentence: they must be completely shunned. They must be expelled from all movement organizations, barred from all movement gatherings, and blocked on all social media.
  2. Their friends must be forced to choose sides. It is no deterrent if doxers are shunned by strangers. They must be disavowed and shunned by their friends. And if their friends stick with them, they must be shunned in the same way.
  3. These principles do not apply to the retaliatory doxing of doxers, whether they come from the system or the movement. On the one hand, retaliatory doxing is both just punishment and an excellent deterrent. On the other hand, it could initiate an escalating cycle of retaliation that could be harmful to the movement overall. So, although I cannot condone retaliatory doxing, I understand it, and I cannot treat it as an offense on the same level as initiating doxing.
  4. One of the virtues of instituting a policy of shunning doxers is to give victims both justice and solidarity and prevent such cycles of retribution.

But what if you personally like a doxer? What if he is presently an ally in the ever-shifting net wars? Simple: you should choose better friends and allies. Sure, so-and-so might only dox the people he is mad at. But what makes you think he will never fall out with you? What makes you think he will never attack your friends, your wife, or your employment?

No cause is more serious or sacred than White Nationalism. So we need to act like it. We think of ourselves as the legitimate leadership of our race. So we need to act like it. We should start thinking of ourselves as a government in exile. So we need to act like it. Today, that means establishing some basic rules and enforcing them with real consequences to the extent possible in our movement.

If you agree with this statement, I invite you to sign your name below. (Just post it in a comment.) If you have criticisms and suggestions, post them below as well.

Greg Johnson

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